The Olinde Career Center was established at LSU in the 1980s and was primarily for for engineering students. Then it became more of a resource center for students in the 1990s. At that time it was located in Coats hall, before moving into the Student Union building in 2014.

Preparing for jobs and internships, students are encouraged to start gathering information about what they may be interesting in, then updating their resume, and practicing different interview skills. The Olinde Career Center is available for students at every step of the way.

Setting yourself apart from other applicants, by having direct related work experience, is critical for having a competitive application. Practicing career readiness through critical thinking, communication, leadership, and teamwork are all aspects that employers look for.

Helping students prepare through mock interviews are one of many aspects that The Olinde Career Center is known for. The staff member's role play as the employer that the students are interested in working for. If students were to mess up, it is better for them to do so in the mock interview rather than the actual interview itself. If students are concerned about what to wear to their interview, staff members at the career center are always willing to help meet the professional standard.

Walk in appointments and scheduled appointments are available to students throughout the year. 


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