In the past two weeks, six people have been hit by cars on LSU's campus. One of those accidents left a student with life-threatening injuries, and the others were left with broken bones and bruises. 

Rebecca Hunt is the manager of the cafe in the LSU Barnes and Noble. She usually walks to work since she lives right off campus, but while walking to her one o'clock shift at the cafe on Thursday, August 16, she was hit by a surprise. 

"You know when someone smacks you on the back of the head, you get that moment of anger where you're like, 'Oh my God. Who did this? What happened?' I felt that, and then I was immediately confused because I realized I was sideways on the ground, and I wasn't sideways before," Hunt said. 

Hunt was walking across the West Parker and Highland intersection when a female student hit her with her car. The student got out to help Hunt and was very apologetic, but the accident still left Hunt in pain, with bruises all over her body. 

Just a week later on August 20, an LSU student was hit by a car right down the road from where Hunt was hit. Georgia Hansen was walking to class last Monday morning on the first day of school when she saw a female student lying in fetal position on the side of the road. 

"I was walking past here around 8:25, and I turned and saw this girl on the ground. There was blood all over her face. There was a huge hemorrhage on her back," Hansen said. 

Hansen said the girl was responsive but very weak and confused. She sat down next to the girl and prayed with her. Hansen would find out later that the girl had just been hit by a car. 

"I didn't know what to do so I was like, Jesus will you heal this girl? And she looked up and grabbed my hand," Hansen said. 

Hansen helped the girl find her phone and waited with her until police arrived. Hansen says EMS transported her to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, and she hopes to visit her this week to see how she is doing. 

In addition to the accidents on Highland Road and behind the Agriculture lot, four LSU students were injured on Friday, August 24, when a car ran into another parked car on Nicholson Drive. The parked car hit the four students, two of which are employed by Tiger TV. All four are now in stable condition. 

Both Hunt and Hansen say people need to be more cautious when driving on campus. 

"It's just being aware that you are driving a two-ton vehicle that can cause a lot of damage," Hunt said. 

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