The old, rundown electric building on Government Street in Downtown Baton Rouge is transforming into a social space called the Electric Depot. It will feature apartments, restaurants, boutiques, a bowling alley, and more.
Councilwoman Tara Wicker advocated for this renovation and hopes it will awaken an otherwise dying area. 
"This is gonna be one of those projects that really transforms this area," Wicker said. "We believe it's going to have a ripple effect in terms of not only the site, but the surrounding area as well."
The area will also keep up with the renovations and additions made around the downtown area, such as White Star Market and Curbside Burgers. 
In order to keep people engaged with the city and attract younger people, Baton Rouge must make changes to it's social scene. Wicker and the rest of the investors hope the Electric Depot is a step in that direction. 

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