Louisiana Congress officially named April 11th Sexual Assault Awareness Day. And, there is no better way to honor that day than to have Olympic gymnast and activist Aly Raisman give a speech about values and ethics to the LSU community.

"I'm very excited to be here speaking at LSU," Raisman said. "I've been speaking at colleges at lot over the past couple of months sharing my story and encouraging other students to share their stories."

During the Q and A, Raisman emphasized the importance of educating people of all ages about sexual abuse. 

"We need to openly talk about abuse and educate people," Raisman said. "Educate children. Educate adults. Educate anyone and everyone who are around children."

Raisman also expressed her frustration with people sticking up for the abusers rather than the survivors of sexual assault.

"If you are a survivor and afraid to come forward, just know that there is no pathway to show you the right way to heal, so I would say to go to someone who you trust," Raisman said.

Raisman also mentioned that she still has a deep love for gymnastics. However, she is not focusing on the 2020 Olympics right now. Instead, she is taking time for herself.

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