Michael Orgeron, a construction management senior at LSU, is the No.1 ranked ROTC cadet for the 2018 fiscal year.

Growing up Orgeron always knew he wanted to be apart of the military however, he did not realize the Army was for him until he got to LSU.

He goes through vigorous training sessions every morning not only challenging his physical abilities but his mental abilities as well. Orgeron’s humility and work ethic helped to get him nationally ranked.

The U.S Army selected Orgeron through a strategic process based on several criteria including GPA, physical fitness test, college athletic participation, and performance during college ROTC training and Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Orgeron says, “There’s a formula for all of it and it changed a little bit from year to year there was a certain formula or certain way so that’s how the number one ranking comes about.”

Although his normal daily routine has not changed Orgeron says, “Just randomly people congratulate him.”

After graduating, Orgeron plans to go to the army however, he doesn’t know where he is going just yet.

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