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UPDATE: The Acacia president has declined to comment.

A former pledge of the Acacia fraternity sat down with Tiger TV to discuss his personal hazing experiences.

The current LSU student says his worst memories stem from the fraternity's "Hell Week". During "Hell Week" pledges are not allowed to eat, change clothes, shower, or leave the house unless they go to class.

“At one point during the first night, they took us upstairs and said this was the last meal of this week, and it was a tarp laid out with dog food and other rotten food and we were all forced to eat it until it was gone,” he said.

Since "Hell Week" he was bothered by what he went through and decided to quit.

 “We were locked in a room and had to smoke 47 cigarette packs between all of us,” he said. “A few people had to consume so much tobacco or nicotine that they got sick. They probably had nicotine poisoning and had to throw up in the bathroom.”

In December he wrote an email detailing his experiences to the Associate Director of Greek Life, Jonathan Sanders

He says his main motive in writing the email is to warn other students about the pledge process.

Since the email, he has received several threats on social media and his car was vandalized. Police are currently investigating the damages to his car, but he believes that Acacia members acted out in retaliation.

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