LSU wide receiver Stephen Sullivan is known for his explosive and athletic offensive play. But he is earning fame for something other than football. 

Sullivan co-stars in Youtube videos with his girlfriend, Taylor Ruffin. Ruffin has nearly 150,000 subscribers on her video channel. 

"He just happened to be in one of my videos for the first time and people were like, 'Oh we like you guys together,'" Ruffin said.

The on-camera chemistry Ruffin and Sullivan show their viewers isn't just for the good reviews.

Sullivan had a difficult childhood and wasn't given the kind of love or resources that Ruffin's family was able to give her. However, Ruffin's family has adopted Sullivan as one of their own. 

"My parents love him they see him as the son they never had," Ruffin said. "Him and my dad have a really cool relationship because my dad has three girls. hes never had a son."

Ruffin and Sullivan post frequently each week.

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