For many college students, balancing school life and work life can be tough. But, Joseph Swiger makes it work.

Swiger produces tracks for local artists and manages a music studio, all while being a full time communication studies major at LSU. The balance is hard, but the producer and disc jokey manages to find a happy medium.

“My parents are always in my ear,” Swiger said.

“It definitely takes a conscious effort to be able to maintain school and decide when it’s comfortable to be in the studio, and what time it’s comfortable to be in the library.”

After producing tracks with musical collective Black Cypress, Swiger earned a mention in popular media outlet XXL Magazine. Although he considers it an accomplishment, Swiger says there is much more work to be done.

On Friday, Swiger, alongside local artists will open for award winning rapper DMX. Although this marks yet another major accomplishment, the biggest one ahead of him still remains; a May 2018 graduation date.

As Swiger continues his senior year, he says he hopes his music leave a lasting impact both on LSU and Baton Rouge.

“Hopefully in the next couple of years, you’ll be proud to say Joseph Swiger was an alum at LSU.”

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