Senior WR, Russel Gage, met with the media following the Tiger's 45-21 victory over Texas A&M Saturday night in Death Valley. 

He was asked about the game, big plays and how much senior night meant to him and his fellow teammates playing in Tiger Stadium for their final time. 

He was also asked about his experience with becoming a solid weapon for the Tigers so late in his collegiate career.

"Never stop working man, never stop working. Hard work pays off no matter what, you know grind doesn't go unnoticed," Gage said. 

The wide receiver was initially signed to the Tigers as a defensive back, but transitioned to wide receiver during spring of 2016.

Although he started as a true freshman for the Tigers, Gage did not get fully noticed until his junior season. Coincidentally, it was the Tiger's 2016 victory over Texas A&M when Gage had the best game of his career, securing five passes for 62 yards and a touchdown. 

"Don't stop working, even if it feels like no one is paying attention or no one is watching," Gage said.

Gage stressed how proud he was of his seniors, rarely mentioning his own recent success. He said that the way his team was able to mesh together made him really happy, and proud.

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