“Boys being boys” does not cut it as an excuse for the Gruver family following the death of their son.


Freshman Maxwell (Max) Gruver lost his life one year ago due to hazing that resulted in alcohol poisoning.


Now, the family filed a federal lawsuit against LSU, the local and national chapters of Phi Delta Theta, the housing corporation that owns Phi Delta Theta’s fraternity house at LSU, and members of the fraternity.


“LSU and Phi Delt knew dangerous hazing was taking place at Phi Delt’s LSU chapter for years, yet they continued to allow the chapter and its members to investigate and police themselves,” said Mr. and Mrs. Gruver. 


The lawsuit states LSU’s Greek Accountability team “decided there was not enough information to investigate the case.” They then closed the case without further question. The Gruver’s and their legal counsel hope this lawsuit will bring these dangerous practices to light. 


“A central purpose of this lawsuit is to compel LSU, Phi Delta Theta and other universities to eliminate dangerous hazing traditions, end the killing of young men, and stop lying to students and families who have the right to know information that may save lives,” said Douglas Fierberg, legal counsel for the Gruver family. 


The family asks for no less than 25 million dollars from LSU and expresses that had the school responded differently they would not need to take actions


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