Erin Macadaeg: LSU gymnast, student, photographer, music video artist, skateboarder. There isn't much this 4-feet-9-inch, jack-of-all-trades can not do.

Macadaeg is best known for her performance on the balance beam as the top lead off performer in the nation. She has earned a near-perfect score on beam and floor. 

But now that Macadaeg has graduated from LSU and retired from gymnastics, how will she spend her time away from the gym?

The skatepark, of course. A native of California, she is always looking for a rush that reminds her of the Golden Coast she calls home. 

"It kind of reminds me of surfing," Macadaeg said. "I can only go forward and turn, I can't do anything cool. But that's all I need."

Macadaeg and her fellow beam specialist, Lauren Li, are already starting to make a splash with some regulars at the park.

"I got some very good advice from a seven-year-old I think," Li said. "He specifically said you have to have good balance and then he skated away."

As nationally ranked competitors on the balance beam, it looks like these women have found the correct alternative to gymnastics. 

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