BATON ROUGE- LSU is nationally recognized as one of the top tailgating schools in the country, but after winning a national contest, one LSU fan is the most interesting in the country.

Chirstian Christoffersen is your average college kid, but on weekends, Christoffersen transforms into one of the most recognizable fans on campus… the LSU Tiger Eye Guy.

“It’s completely separate. I’ll be like more outgoing. I’ll be screaming more. In class I’m not very loud. I’ll start LSU chants with fans when I walk into my tailgate at like 7:30 in the morning."

And as of, January 8th , he can also be recognized officially as the Most Interesting Fan in College Football after winning the Dos Equis Most Interesting Fan Search.

“I was like pretty happy. I was like, “Oh best tailgating school. We have some pretty interesting fans like the painted posse. So I think the title is like where it belongs with the most

interesting fan."

Along with the statue, Christian got a flight to Atlanta to watch the college football playoff national championship game, and a chance to meeting people like Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis ads.

“I wasn’t even expecting the whole winning thing. I went in not even expecting to make it to the first cut, so the whole thing I was like pretty shocked. I don’t even think I was jumping up and down. I was just staring at it like ‘oh my God. I just won this whole thing.”

The artist Brenna Gonzales has been painting the iconic eye since the idea was proposed in the dorms. The rest is history.

"She’s like, ‘I want to paint the Tiger eye on one of you guys. And I was like ‘I’ll be a guinea pig," Christoffersen said. "’I thought this would be a one time thing, but it got a good response so I we’re like ‘lets keep doing it’ so I still have the same person painted me up to this day."

Although Christoffersen is set to graduate this summer, this Tiger fan left his mark in a way that will never be forgotten. 

You can still find Christian in the stands for gymnastics meets and basketball games, as well as watch him dance as part of baseball grounds crew at the during the season opener on Feb. 16.

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