Moving from North Carolina to Louisiana was enough of a big change for Fuselier. Getting settled with a new job and new friends was an even bigger task. 

Until he founded the Auto Enthusiasts Club at LSU. 

The car scene in Baton Rouge is bigger than what most people would assume. Every Thursday night, car lovers meet at the Coffee Call parking lot on College Drive to show off and talk about their cars.

Whether it is a little sporty car, a big monster truck, or anywhere in between, these automobile aficionados are able to share their passions with one another, and create friendships in the process.

I didn’t have many friends and I didn’t know many people that were in to cars either," Fuselier said. "I figured joining the Auto Enthusiast Club would be the best way to make friends and get in to cars. It turned out good."

So good, in fact, that Fuselier now serves as the President of the Club. In this position, he facilitates meetings and club organization.

Fuselier hopes to leave his legacy on the club that he has helped build from the preliminary stages. 

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