Most college students celebrate their favorite celebrities by listening to their music or mimicking their style. Local artist, D-LO, does it a little bit differently. 

D-LO is a Baton Rouge native with an eye for the unordinary. He creates colorful pop-art of his favorite rappers, actors, and other people who inspire his creativity. 

“Just by looking at my work, you can see that it’s a lot of rappers and stuff that I listen to… a lot of rap. And that kinda’ helps fuel my motivation for my style.”

Whether D-LO creates a colorful figure of Mac Miller or an eye-catching interpretation of Lana Del Ray, he hopes his creations inspire other artists to follow their passions.

He is chasing his dreams, as well. D-LO hopes to make a career creating art. 

"Just be a successful artist and do this for a living and inspire people to chase things that they love as well.”

D-LO's paintings can be found around the Baton Rouge area. 

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