Head Coach Brian Kelly reflects on Notre Dame's 21-17 win over LSU in the Citrus Bowl along with the game's MVP Miles Boykin and quarterback Ian Book.

Full transcript below:

HEAD COACH KELLY: Well, it was an exciting win. We were a little shorthanded out there. It was, first of all, satisfying to win a bowl game against an opponent in LSU and to do it in the manner that we did, coming from behind with young players out there that, I think, started on scout team. And just really proud of the effort of the entire group: Offense, defense, and special teams. And so, you know, anytime -- I've said this, you know, to get to ten wins out two out of the last three seasons, really a nice mark for our football team.

MODERATOR: What can you say about this guy joining us and the depth of your team?

COACH KELLY: Well, we have great confidence in Ian. You know, he hasn't played a lot of football, but we threw him right into the fire and, you know, he leads a winning drive with the game on the line. But he's got that ability. And it doesn't surprise us that he's able to do that. But, you know, Miles over here knows the story. We were in practice and we knew that we were going to have to get a couple of one on one matchups on the outside and I told Miles, I said, “Miles, you're going to win the MVP trophy," and he looked at me like I had two heads. But I felt like he had a chance. He's got the ability, if we could get him the football. And Ian got him the football and Miles made a great individual play and, lo and behold, I’ve got the MVP sitting next to me.

MODERATOR: If I could just ask the players a question. Miles, just that catch will go down in the history books when we think about the great plays in the history of Notre Dame football. Your thoughts on what went through your mind.

MILES BOYKIN: I mean, it was really almost just a blur. We talk about situations like this all the time and it's not often that you get to be in one like this. And so it was just an extremely humbling moment for me just to be able to go out there and help make a play to help my team win. I mean, we talk about how as a receiver, we're play makers and winning the 50/50 ball -- we talk about that every day. During that moment, I had to make the play. Otherwise, I didn't know how the outcome was going to be. But Ian gave me a great ball and the coaches gave a great play and I was just able to make a play on it.

MODERATOR: Ian, what did it mean to you to step in here the way you did and come off the depth chart and deliver what the coach needed?

IAN BOOK: It was an awesome opportunity, such a surreal moment, that last play with Miles. Ten wins, it feels great. It's a great way to start off the new year and I'm excited to start off this new year with a team that I love.

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