When LSU student Haley Honore moved into her new apartment, she thought she was making a home for her and her friends to enjoy for the remainder of their college years. Until her home was invaded, and her life was at risk.

An armed invader entered Honore's apartment and threatened her. She moved out the next week. 

Honore's story, unfortunately, is similar to many others in the Baton Rouge area. So much so that gun violence is being retaliated with more guns. 

However, gun salesman and trainer John Hanchey says guns are being placed into the wrong hands. To avoid this, the Baton Rouge community must have proper knowledge of self-defense, and know that a gun isn't necessary to deter burglars and bad guys. 

"Go get a really big dog bowl and a really big pair size thirteen boots and put them on your front porch," Hanchey explained. "Gives the impression that, A: you've got a really big, vicious dog somewhere. And B: you have a really big man that lives there at your house."

Hanchey said invaders are deterred by any potential threat to them, so creating an illusion that something threatening is in your home will eliminate the target on your home. 

Hanchey goes on to explain that there are instances in which guns are a key to survival in extreme cases. However, the owner should be properly trained on gun safety.

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