BATON ROUGE - The Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute has recently received a major grant of $5.6 million dollars from the Charles Koch Foundation.

The program plans to expand their research, education, and outreach programs here on campus.

The new degree program promotes a new way of thinking for those students who are interested in entrepreneurship. It also helps students who also already have those ideas to start their own business.

Dean of Business, Richard White has hopes for future progress.

He says, “What were doing is matching a student’s passions whether it be music or fashion design with strong entrepreneurial and business skills so they already have that passion of what they want to do." 

The entrepreneurship degree is only offered as a paired degree and gives students a chance to actively build their brands for their future careers.

Dean White, says, “ What we want to do is give you skills so we really raise that chance of success so you don’t have to fail three or four times before you learn enough to succeed.”

White emphasis that it is for students who truly want it.

“It’s got to be in theirheart. They’ve got to be risk takers. They’ve got to have vision. They’ve got to have courage and energy and they have got to be willing to fail.”,  said White. 

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