Dreka Gates, wife of Louisiana-based rapper Kevin Gates, is shaking things up in the music industry despite the fact that her husband remains behind bars. 

Dreka Gates’s resume features many successful business and creative projects, some she’s worked on with her husband but many others are strictly Dreka’s.

"We have a lot of things going on," Gates says, “I’m developing two television shows and we have Kevin’s career. I’m working on a clothing line, skin care line, like I’m working on all things different things”.

Dreka is a mother of two, a music mogul and manages the Gates’ music label, “Bread Winners’ Association," or B.W.A.  Her husband Kevin Gates is currently serving a 30 month sentence for a felony gun charge.  

Dreka speaks with her husband often and offers him words of encouragement. 

“I reiterate the fact to him that this isn’t like forever this will all be over with you’re going to come home and continue with your life so I just remain positive.”

In addition to running B.W.A. while her husband is incarcerated, Dreka also deals with the roadblocks that she says often pop up when you’re a woman working in a male-dominated industry.  

“It’s just hard being a woman period in the music industry… for the longest no one knew who I was no one knew I existed and it was because I learned early on that women aren’t respected in the music industry.”

Dreka co-produced her husband’s latest album and says she brings out the best in him. 

"He’s very talented but I have played a major role in where he is today - well not in jail - but you know Kevin gates the platinum selling artist? That guy.”

Adding to their list of business endeavors, the Gates recently started growing blueberries on a farm near their Calabasas, California home.  A restaurant may also be in the works.

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