BRPD made an arrest after finding Kelsi Flores' stolen car on LSU's campus Tuesday. This comes six days after a man held her at gunpoint and stole her car at Wildwood, a student apartment complex right off of campus. 

"The only thing that was in my mind was give him the keys. Give him the keys and turn around. Stay alive,"

It happened at Wildwood on Friday, September 7, at 4:45 in the morning. Florez was unlocking her car to head to her five o'clock shift at a dorm at LSU. While unlocking her car, Florez heard a man's voice.

"He said 'Hey yo, give me your keys.' I looked up and I said 'What?' and he was like, 'Give me your keys.' That's when I saw he had a gun, so I was like 'Come on, please.' He said 'Give me your keys'. I handed him my keys, and I just automatically turned my back to him."

That's when Florez pressed the lock button on her iPhone five times. Doing this automatically calls 911. However, Kelsi advises turning off the default alert sound for this feature. Because Kelsi's alert sound was off, the man never knew she had notified the police.

"You just go into settings and you scroll down and it's emergency SOS. Definitely I would go in and turn that feature off... just the countdown sound."

She recommends memorizing your license plate number too. BRPD found Kelsi's stolen vehicle because she posted a description of her navy blue 2010 Altima as well as the license plate number on Facebook and Twitter. When someone recognized the car Tuesday, they called BRPD and told them the direction the vehicle was headed.

"You know, I stayed calm, tried to look at him as much as much as I could to try to remember as much as I could the entire situation just to relay that information back to the police."

"Don't look at them. I honestly think turning around saved my life also because I feel like if I had seen his face or if he had known I'd seen his face, I probably would have gotten shot."

Florez says to always be on alert for anyone suspicious around you, especially late at night when alone.

"If you see someone, just turn around. I mean, if you're late 5 minutes, 10, minutes, 15, minutes, 20 minutes late to work, whatever. It's not worth you or your car or anything else.  I mean, just turn around."

BRPD is investigating whether or not the man they arrested with Kelsi's car Tuesday is the same person who recklessly drove a dark blue car through a Gonzalez woman's front yard and fence Friday afternoon.

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