Local Baton Rouge Business Owner, Brittany Nguyen of the Naked Wax Bar sat on a panel at a Women’s Empowerment event here at the African-American Culture Center on LSU’s campus.

Nguyen was one of three panelist who spoke about climbing the ladders of business and the advantages to building a brand for yourself. She opened her own business in May of 2017 and has grown from zero clientele to 1500 consistent clients every week.

Nguyen said, “ This right here I didn’t foresee a year ago. I didn’t even see us being a business in january… february.. It kind of came into forwishen in march for us and then from that point it just kind of blossomed into where we are.”

The Naked Wax Bar offers waxing and spa-like services for both men and women at prices that are unlike any other in the Baton Rouge market right now.

Nguyen used social media to learn more about who are target market was in general and pushing out her business to them as well as getting customer feedback for services they would like to see.

Nguyen says, “Social media was huge for us, in fact social media took us farther than a groupon could take us.”

She uses her platform to give other future business owners advice about starting their own businesses and some of the biggest things to take advantage of.

Nguyen said, “ It’s not easy but if you’re going to work as hard working for someone else you might as well be just as stressed out with your own business.”

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