This year marks the 20th anniversary for Baton Rouge Community College. Two decades of academic success for any student looking to transfer into a 4-year university or college that is willing to work around their busy schedules. 

Marielle Linguate, a 1st year business major at BRCC, which currently has more than 8 thousand students enrolled, attending classes in 9 different locations throughout the eight parishes in Louisiana. But little did most know that BRCC originally started with one building.

The Governor’s building on the main campus which was made to fit only 700 students along with faculty and staff, but much to everyone’s surprise that over 1 thousand students enrolled for their first year in 1998.

BRCC was originally created to eliminate the then existing segregation in school systems and has continued to accept applicants no matter their race, religion, gender, age, or origin, expanding beyond its community which has allowed Linguate to attend.

BRCC’s rapid growth over the years hasn't changed its mission: To provide higher education to students at an affordable rate, while ensuring them equal opportunity and access to resources.

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