The most talked about thing this past weekend was “Beychella” Beyonce made history with her Coachella performance this past Saturday. Reporter Caela Donald caught the reactions of LSU students about her performance.

“Beyonce’s Coachella performance blew my mind. To bring that lead of blackness to a predominantly black festival was awesome. The crowd was kind of just standing there, but she killed it, she was great.”- Student 1

“The most phenomenal thing I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful, awesome…probably one of the best performances of this century. It really sets the bar of what a performance is supposed to be.” -Student 2

It gave a little HBCU vibe to Coachella, and it was lit. She had the band and she was hitting the dancing doll moves.”

“I just want to say that she’s up there with the greats, Michael Jackson level. If God was a woman she would be Beyonce.I will be going to H(Bey)CU. I will be pledging BΔK.” -Student 3

“I think that it also brought awareness to everyone at Coachella. I think that Beyonce always tops her best at everything that she does and she always pulls out a performance when she plays her cards right. She doesn’t also just perform for a certain ethnicity or people. She contributes to everybody.” -Student 4

Students reacted to the fact that Beyonce is the FIRST black woman to ever headline Coachella.

“I feel like it's a damn shame…all of these other black artist that really created music and created beautiful American art form should’ve been on Coachella. The should have been ‘Coachella’ but you know that's just our fight as black people. But I'm glad that she was the first one and she really deserved it.”- Student 5


“No one deserved it more, but it should’ve happened sooner.” -Student 6

Beyonce not only made history, she now holds the record for the most tweeted and most viewed Coachella performance of all time.

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