What started as a delay due to weather conditions during Saturdays beach volleyball tournament, Battle on the Bayou, the Tigers concluded with a 4-1 victory against No. 11 Georgia State.

"We played n bad weather all year. Everywhere we've gone has been a struggle and I think that prepared us. This is probably the toughest. It's been really windy, really rainy, temperature dropping and getting cold," Coach Brock said.

Head Coach Brock not only mentions weather as an issue for the Tigers but also their opponent No.11 Georgia State. Georgia State made sure that the Tigers didn't have an easy way out but this motivated the Tigers to pus to the finish. 

"Honestly, we knew we had trouble with Georgia State. We knew were going to go to battle with TCU. They'e had a lot to prove. They've been playing really well lately. So to be in that situation in these conditions and come out with two really substantial wins really says a lot about where we are at right now in this point of the year," Coach Brock said.

With competiton still ahead the Tigers hope to continue their winning streak against No. 7 Florida State at 10 and Houston Baptist at 2 in tomorrow's senior tribute in the Battle on the Bayou tournament.

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