Lubricity Labs has an unusual origin story.

Dr. Boyce Clark is a former researcher with a Ph.D. in uranium geochemistry. When his daughter, Alden, was 12, he had a dilemma: Alden's hair was thick, frizzy, and could not be brushed through in the morning to get ready for school.

With his chemistry knowledge, he began concocting a smoothing treatment for her hair. 17 formulas later, he found a winner.

Dr. Clark began making batches of the product in a bucket on his kitchen floor, and Lubricity Labs was born. Once word got out and orders started rolling in, he moved his operation to a lab and set up a small bottling facility. 

The company garnered attention from the beauty community and quickly exploded in popularity nationwide. An article about Lubricity Labs was the most-viewed story on Yahoo News in 2017.  

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