Wayde Sims' Vigil

Students sign poster of Wayde Sims

Hundreds gathered outside of the PMAC to mourn the loss of LSU basketball player, Wayde Sims.

“As a parent, I wonder why my son was taken away from me so soon,” said Sims’ father Wayne.

It was a somber night at LSU, many tears were shed over the tragic loss of a fellow tiger.

“We still had two more years to play together,” said childhood friend and teammate Skylar Mays.  

Sims life tragically ended on Friday when he was killed near Southern University. Many came to pay their respects including present and former coaches, teammates and friends.

“We are going to honor Wade every day. We’re going to honor him on game days and we’re going to play our hearts out for him,” said LSU basketball coach Will Wade.

Sim’s father, a former LSU basketball player, moved the crowd with his heart wrenching words about his only child and gave Wayde’s teammates words of encouragement.

“We are all saddened, he was just 20 years old. One thing that I could tell to these young men, play your hearts out. I know Wayde would’ve loved to be here with y’all through the season, but stay on track, the team is your family,” he said.

Signing a poster, everyone said their goodbyes for the last time. Though Sims’ is gone, “Forever 44” will always be etched into LSU’s memory.

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