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We know about the Baton Rouge music scene, young college rappers, Kevin Gates and the icon Boosie himself. But what about the art movement? Our own Bonnie Wells went to get some answers from a group of very creative people.

This week on The Rundown with Reggie, Reggie gives a brief tutorial on the latest dance craze. Also, Beyonce's tour dates as well as more information on Drake's "Views" all happening in less than four minutes.

Jordan has to face the facts, he's graduating. But what does that mean for his future? He's not happy about it either way.

This is it. The final episode of #OriginalCopy is finally here and it's half an hour long. Watch as we tackle the NBA Playoffs, Beyonce's new project, Gabrielle Union and the summer.

Everyone, meet Brewster. He's an adorable pet pig owned by an LSU student. But how does living with a pig in an apartment work? Bonnie Wells went to find out.

This week on #OriginalCopy, we celebrate the life of the legendary Prince. We take a look at how he influenced us, fellow students and pop culture. From his performances to his comedy, we're talking about it all this week. Game, blouses.