The LSU Tigers are two games into their season, but there’s still plenty of questions following the team. Here’s a list of things to watch for heading into the Tigers’ game with Kent State on Saturday.

Comment below and tell us your predictions for the game or what you’re hoping to see out of LSU this weekend.

1. Odell Beckham Jr. posted 331 all-purpose yards last week. Was it a fluke or is Beckham on track for a big season?

2. Beckham and fellow wide receiver Jarvis Landry currently lay claim to 23 of the Tigers’ 33 receptions thus far. Can quarterback Zach Mettenberger spread the ball out to his other receivers?

3. LSU coach Les Miles said he plans on running back Jeremy Hill seeing more playing time this week after returning to the field against UAB following a one-game suspension. How much does Hill play and how much rust is left to knock off?

4. Kent State running back Dri Archer is one of the fastest players in college football, but isn’t 100 percent this week thanks to an ankle injury. Archer will be a good test for LSU before heading into SEC play. Can the Tigers contain the speedy back?

5. Miles has repeatedly talked about getting some of the younger guys playing time, particularly in the secondary. Who do we see this week and how much of an impact do they make on the team?

6. It seems certain we’ll see quarterback Anthony Jennings in Saturday’s game, but the freshman hasn’t had any real opportunity to show off his arm yet at LSU. How much — if any — do we see Jennings throw the ball against Kent State?

7. LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson has only posted six tackles including one tackle for loss so far this season. Johnson injured his shoulder against TCU, which may have contributed to the slow start, but neither Johnson nor Miles think he’ll be hindered much longer and he’ll have a great season. Does he live up to his word Saturday night?

8. LSU’s starting linebackers posted only 19 tackles through the first two games. Can the linebackers break through against the Golden Flashes and put up some big numbers?

9. Mettenberger has gone two games without throwing an interception. Can he keep the streak alive against Kent State?

10. Kent State defensive tackle Roosevelt Nix is quick off the line and can provide a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Mettenberger was sacked twice against TCU in week 1, but not at all against UAB. Can the offensive line protect Mettenberger against the Kent State pass rush?

Bonus Question: How long does it take for students to get into the stadium on Saturday?

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