Tiger Truck Stop has been exhibiting tigers for over 20 years. Their last cat, Tony, was almost taken away in 2006 when a Louisiana law was passed banning private ownership of big cats. The stop's owner, Michael Sandlin, petitioned the government and was given an exemption by Governor Bobby Jindal himself. 

Now that Tony is gone, however, Sandlin will not be able to get another tiger. He has an open lawsuit against Louisiana Fisheries and Wildlife to get an exception again. The Animal Legal Defense Fund, an organization that fights against animal mistreatment around the country, was one of the prosecutors against Tiger Truck Stop during the initial legal battle. An attorney I spoke to from the group says he is confident that the law will be upheld and Grosse Tete will stay tiger-free. 

Watch the full story above to learn why the ALDF believes that a truck stop is no place for a tiger. 

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