Almost $20,000 worth of finance bills were passed Wednesday night at the Student Government Senate meeting, including bills to purchase phone chargers for Middleton Library and new furniture for the Business Education Complex.

One bill allowed for the allocation of $459.48 from the SG contingency account to purchase cell phone chargers to be available for rent by students in Middleton.

The bill to provide cell phone charges for rent in Middleton Library allocated $459.48 from the SG contingency account, while the Senate also passed a more than $18,000 bill to fund the purchase of furniture for the Business Education Complex.

A total of 80 furniture items will be placed in the BEC by the bill, and the funds will be taken from the SG surplus account.

A third finance bill passed will fund the placement of a police officer outside of Middleton Library during the extended hours of finals week in order to provide supplemental security for students.

In addition to the finance bills, a resolution to place a crosswalk on West Lakeshore Drive was passed as well as a resolution to hang location markers on existing poles in some of the on-campus parking lots.

According to Speaker of the Senate Meredith Westbrook, students can expect the Senate to make big changes to SG's election codes in the near future.

“These are going to be very substantial changes,” she said. She went on to say the changes may include the end of the ticket system.

Westbrook said some of the Senate will begin working on potential changes over the break.

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