Living off campus and commuting may not be an issue for some upperclassmen. Especially if they live at the new Nicholson Gateway complex on the west side of campus.

Although, has there already been too many issue forming at this new complex?

Can you imagine coming back to your apartment after a long day of classes, and the floor is covered in water? Or seeing ants crawling around on your floor? These are just a few issues that some students have been experiencing at the Nicholson Gateway apartments.

Nicholson just opened up for upperclassmen this semester. With all these issues coming to light, the assistant communications director, Danielle Dreezen explains  Nicholson's point of view.

"What we are really excited about at Nicholson Gateway is that we can finally offer more housing options for upperclassmen and graduate students on campus," Dreezen said.

Since Nicholson has been at the center of conversation, especially when students started to discuss issues they have been experiencing  after only a few weeks.

"With any facility, new or old, there is always going to be a few maintencence issues here and there," Dreezan said. "Students can submit work orders at their front desk if they do find any issues with their apartment. They can also go online to their housing applicaion portal adn submit a work order there. And then our staff will go through our work orders in order of emergency or priority level."


To submit work orders, students can log into their my lsu page, and click on the students services section, which leads you directly to the on campus housing page. From there residence can file any maintenance requests that they may have come across.

"If a student is having an issue, and it has been a few days, or maybe a week, and they haven't seen or heard from anyone, they are encouraged to go to their staff and check in to see what the time line looks like," Dreezen said. "Maybe something didn't come in, or we were ordering parts or maybe the work order was never place correclty. Whenever those things happen we have staff ready to follow up." 

Although some students may have been expereiencing problems with Nicholson Gateway since move in, there are many other students that have not come across any issues, Miya Collbert is one of them.

"I haven't had any issues, everything has been perfect," Collbert said. "I have heard of some people that live in my particular building say that, since the ovens are new, they would have smoke problems."

Nicholson wants to work directly with the new residence to make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

If you are experiencing issues, do not hestitate to report them right away so maintenance staff can address any concerns.

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