LSU Greek Life has redefined hazing and passed new laws to regulate not only what goes on, but how many people are allowed in fraternity tailgates.

LSU Greek Life along with Vice President of Student Relations Dr. Kurt Keppler, are doing everything they can to keep the students of LSU safe.

Dr. Keppler says, “[They] don’t want anybody put in a situation where they have a power differential or they feel like they may be retaliated against.” As a result, Keppler and Greek Life are working together to eliminate any type of hazing on LSU’s campus.

Not only did the definition of hazing change, but Greek tailgating rules did as well.

Policy Statement 78 says that approved events held by student organizations on-campus must have a third-party vender that would provide security.

The new rules also include a 3-to-1 guest ratio of people entering and exiting the tailgates. Guards will be there will clickers in order to monitor accordingly.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity member Hunter Juneau says, “[he] doesn’t agree with monitoring everybody because [the fraternities] all have different friends that we want to bring up and go see [their] houses...”

With the new rules, fraternity members fear not all their friends will be able to attend tailgates at their house.

Dr. Keppler says, “[he] hopes that [the] students recognize that [they] simply want [the] students to be safe.”

Additional Greek Life hazing policies include:

The Max Gruver Act -- Act 635 - (Crime/Felonies)amends penalties relative to the crime of hazing.

Act 640 - (Colleges/Universities) requires reporting, policies, and education on hazing.
Act 481 - (Civil Procedure) authorizes exemplary damages in civil actions for death from hazing.

Act 637 - (Crime/Misdemeanor) creates a penalty for those who fail to seek medical assistance when reckless behavior results in serious bodily injury.

More on Policy Statement 78:

“Beer and wine products consisting of no more than 15 percent alcohol by volume. Permitted Alcohol specifically excludes hard alcohol, any beverage containing hard alcohol, common source beverages containing alcohol, and alcoholic beverages served from kegs...”

“Any situation in which an individual is or reasonably can be assumed to be holding, drinking, or transporting an alcoholic beverage. The totality of the circumstances, including the presence of alcoholic beverage containers and the number of people present under age 21, may indicate evidence of possession.”

“The Event Registration must be submitted by the host/sponsor to the Campus Life Office (for student organizations), the Greek Life Office (for fraternities and sororities) or to the Office of Finance and Administration (for non-students) at least 10 business days prior to the event. The Event Registration must specify the campus location for the proposed event, which is subject to approval. Approval will not be granted for an event at any of the following locations (1) Greek Theatre, (2) athletic fields and grounds assigned to the University Recreation, and (3) in academic buildings in or around rooms in which classes are in session.”

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