Two years after the Baton Rouge flood, Garrett Duncan shares his story about being trapped alone on a four mile stretch of highway for two days.

Duncan reminds students of the dangers of severe weather, while LSU Professor Jill Trepanier explains how to stay safe as we head into the end of hurricane season.

“The concern of LSU students and whether we are going to flood is a very real one. They should always have an eye on the sky in my mind, you know I’m a big advocate of that, but I think a big part of it is just being aware," says Trepanier.

While Garrett Duncan was traveling to Covington, Louisiana in August 2016, he was trapped on the highway for two days without food or water. 

"Eventually they opened up the highway and I ended up getting a police escort out, because when they helicoptered the food in I was the only car who was able to drive anywhere. I loaded up all the food and stuff up into my car and was driving up and down the highway handing food and stuff out to people," says Duncan.

Most of Gordon's affects were seen East of Louisiana in Mississippi and Alabama. 

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