Next year freshmen will be required to live on campus. However, there are options available that do not require community style bathrooms.

The Residential College is a living and learning community fairly new to LSU and is major specific.

Mass Communication professor and Residential College Director Roxanne Dill recommends it to all incoming students.

"Even before the semester starts we go through and we see who are the best teachers, so we call those people and say that we want some secret spots just for our people.  So nobody knows except us and them. And those are set aside just for our res college students, so they sign up for those classes. There are classes right in the facility. I teach mc 2010 and students roll out of bed and come to class, which is really really true,” said Dill.

The Residential Life website describes the different living options, including residential college options.

If students have questions they can visit

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