The international presence on campus allows opportunities for both domestic, and international students. The Associative Vice Director for International Programs, Dr. Hector Zapata describes the International Ambassador Program.

“We pair domestic students with international students to have a meaningful interaction during the semester,” Zapata said. “This interaction brings out the culture, and they become culturally literate.”

Miroslev Tushed is an international graduate student from Russia studying computer science. Tushed decided to take part in the International Ambassador Program this semester to socialize with domestic students. He filled out the international questionnaire right away and was then paired up with a mass communication freshman Anthony.

“Seems that he found me, not that I chose him,” Tushed said. “He was interested in Russia and our culture, so I think that they paired us up perfectly.”

Dr. Zapata works closely with this program where students can learn from each other and visit sites all over Baton Rouge and the New Orleans area.

“At the end of the program they prepare a report about their learning outcomes and they work together in teams,” Zapata said. “Our hope is through that interaction we can provide our domestic students a study abroad experience at home.”

Students interested can email or visit the International department located on the first floor in Hatcher Hall.


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