Often referred to as the “Miller Plague”, an overwhelming amount of Freshman girls living in Joan C. Miller Hall are falling ill. 

In a Tiger TV conducted poll of 446 of the girls living in Miller 210 reported sickness, trips to the Student Health Center or felt the need to purchase an air purifier. 

Often when people move into a different environment, they get sick. However, some people find it alarming how harsh and prominent this “Plague” has become. 

LSU student, Bailey Shattuck, says she was diagnosed with bronchitis and put on several antibiotics and over the counter medicines. Listening to other girls’ advice, her mother purchased Shattuck an air purifier to combat the contagions floating through the halls of the residence.

Other students told Tiger TV that, even after spending $150 on a purifier, they have still come down with sinus infections, coughs and sore throat. Despite these difficulties, the current LSU Packing List does not include any form of air filter at this time.

“The combination of stress and the connecting air vents inside Miller Hall are the suspected causes of the “Plague”," says Tai Lambert, an LSU Resident Assistant. 

The Student Health Center says college students are at a greater risk for contracting contagious illnesses because of shared living and learning spaces. They encourage good cleaning/disinfecting habits as Flu season approaches.

You can receive a flu shot though LSU, September 24-27. Visit lsu.edu/shc for more information.

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