As the University moves toward reorganization, students on the Student Experience subcommittee of the Transition Advisory Team expressed an eagerness to represent the voices of the LSU System from a variety of perspectives.

Medical student and Student Government President at LSU Health Sciences New Orleans Renford Cindass said this committee was developed to look into areas such as student opportunities, recruitment, enrollment efforts and financial aid.

“I plan on doing things electronically and sending surveys out to the student body. I really want to see what students would like to get out of this reorganization,” Cindass said.

Sanjay Juneja, medical student at LSU Health Sciences Shreveport, said one of his main concerns is the future of LSUHS-S.

“We had a lot of wish-wash last year if we were still going to be a medical school, and we want answers,” Juneja said. “My biggest goal is to really articulate how much our medical school really appreciates the opportunity to get our education through LSU. We offer a lot to LSU and want to be a strong part of the system in the future.”

Former student-athlete and communication disorders senior Janelle Garcia said she was unaware of the nomination until one of her friends congratulated her.

“With athletics, I’ve had no opportunity to get involved, and now I have the chance. It’s an honor, and I want to see what I can do to do my part,” Garcia said.

She added that she wants to see how the reorganization changes will apply to athletes, given that sometimes student policy and athletics policy do not coincide.

James Sudduth, LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center student and Student Bar Association executive vice-president, said he is glad the administration finally saw the importance of having students involved in the process.

He said he can address the committee from various perspectives.

“I can speak to the committee as an LSU undergrad and a graduate student in the law program,” Sudduth said. “As a law student, I have learned to think like a lawyer, so I can bring a legal perspective to looking at and analyzing problems.”