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A New Computer Lab Will Soon Give Architecture Students An Edge

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A New Computer Lab Will Soon Give Architecture Students An Edge

LSU is building a computer lab on the first floor of Atkinson Hall. The new computer lab will be open to all LSU students majoring in architecture. The new director of the LSU School of Architecture, Marwan Ghandour, recognizes the role technology is playing in transforming the industry of architecture, and he wants architecture students to stay up-to-date with current industry practices. 

This has caused problems for architecture students like LSU sophomore Tanner Theisen in the past. Without access to these innovative design softwares, architecture students can't learn the skills needed to simulate and animate 2D and 3D graphic designs. Architects use these technologies to show their clients what a building will look like before construction even begins. They can do this in a matter of days or hours using advanced computer software. 

“Doing drawings on the computer, either technical or just illustrative, is faster. And in an industry that is just getting quicker, you got to move with it,” says Theisen.

Theisen changed his major to architecture in the 2017 fall semester. He sees architects using Illustrator and AutoCad in their everyday lives, while he works part-time as an intern at Grace Hebert Architects in Baton Rouge. He is excited about the new computer lab, and he cannot wait until it is finished. Theisen says having the ability to learn these softwares will give architecture students at LSU a competitive advantage in the rapidly-evolving industry of architecture.

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