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As writers and creatives, we love absorbing media. From stories and books to music, movies and TV shows, our staff is always on the lookout for new and different things to read, listen to and watch. We want to engage with you, our readers, and recommend what we’re into — and hear if you have any suggestions for us, too. We’ll publish our Legacy Loves series on a weekly basis. Give it a try, and maybe you’ll find something new to love.

“Bloom,” Troye Sivan

Australian pop star Troye Sivan’s second album “Bloom” brings the 23-year-old singer from the niche to the mainstream. The record is chock-full of catchy hits, ranging from the slower and stripped-down to synth dance pop. All the tracks are brutally honest, from Sivan issuing an apology to a former partner (“The Good Side”) to lamenting an experience with an older man when he was 17 years old (“Seventeen”), to celebrating his current relationship. Sivan came out as gay in a vlog on YouTube in 2013 and his sexuality is undeniably intertwined with his music. We love being able to experience his love story through his lyricism and music videos. 

"Crazy Rich Asians," Kevin Kwan

Obviously the "Crazy Rich Asians" movie was great, but the two-hour run time made it hard to fully explore the rich (pun intended) narrative and world of Rachel Wu and the Youngs. You may or may not know that the film is actually based on a novel by the same name, written by Kevin Kwan, or that it’s the first installment of a trilogy. The novels give fans a better chance to get to know the large cast of characters. Warner Bros. is already in talks to adapt the sequels into films, but if you just can’t wait, “China Rich Girlfriend” and “Rich People Problems” are already available to devour in print and audio books.

“Eighth Grade,” A24

Comedian Bo Burnham’s directorial debut is earnest, endearing and painfully relatable. The coming-of-age film explores girlhood and adolescence in the digital age, and how often technology can be tied to social anxiety. Moviegoers may cringe because they see themselves reflected on screen, through the awkward on-point delivery of actress Elsie Fisher. The indie film has garnered so much critical acclaim it received a nationwide release. 

Leur Magazine

Started by University alumnus Charles Champagne in July 2016, Leur Magazine is Baton Rouge’s first local LGBTQ publication. Featuring submissions from queer artists, the magazine’s mission is to “provide platforms for Southern queer artists to share in their art-making through creative community collaboration.” Its eye-catching covers, beautiful photography and content advocating to #gocreateyourself are all reasons why we love this mag. The magazine prints twice annually, and readers can subscribe for $25/year or buy the magazines digitally on Leur’s website. Follow Leur on Instagram @leurmagazine.

Max Wanger, photographer

Photographer Max Wanger brings a playful, distant look to his photographs, giving them an intriguing simplicity. From portraits to city-scapes, his use of negative space gives his images a blissful quality. We love seeing Max’s photos pop up on our Instagram feeds (follow him @maxwanger), and his prints are available to purchase online at maxwangerprintshop.com.  

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