10-28-17 Voodoo Fest Day 2

Boombox Cartel performs on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017, at Voodoo Fest.

We arrived at the festival later than we hoped on Saturday, and we were greeted with the longest lines I’d ever seen at a festival. The rumor among the people was that they were checking bags and shoes meticulously. We walked in right next to the Wisner stage to K. Flay performing a few songs, before she closed with her hit Blood in the Cut. She was dressed in all-black and full-on jamming out, using the whole stage to her advantage.

When K. Flay ended, we headed over to Le Plur for Boombox Cartel. The sun was just beginning to go down, creating a beautiful sunset to match the cooler sound the pair creates. They don’t use super heavy bass all the time like some other EDM artists, and it’s super easy to dance to. They played a few hits like B2U and Colors, then passed the stage to Illenium. 

I’ve deemed Illenium the best show of the weekend. Illenium kept to the same softer tunes as Boombox Cartel at the beginning, especially when he played his song with artist Daya. Illenium came through later with a  few trap-based songs at the end, getting the crowd pumped for RL Grime. His visuals that he played on screen matched perfectly to every song. He went for slower songs paired with sandy beaches and sunny skies, then moved to snowy winter and into rocks and caves. For his heavy bass songs he played towards the end, the screens flashed black and red with demon figures splashing onto the screen. 

Next up was RL Grime who played his hip-hop, trap songs that most of the crowd could recognize. The biggest moment was when he played “Stay for It,” and while he played a great set, it didn’t blow me out of the water, like Illenium had.

DJ Snake came on to close the night. He was the headliner of Le Plur that night, and his super heavy drum and bass and build ups made the crowd go wild. He followed up his insane build ups by cutting the music and lights completely, a second or two longer than usual, then surprising the crowd by coming back on suddenly with a giant drop or building more tension by using another build up before finally dropping it. Towards the end of his performance he played some music from his collab with Major Lazer and songs from his Encore album.

Fireworks and confetti shot off the stage and enhanced every performance and amazed the crowd, plus I left with some souvenir confetti I discovered later that night in my shirt.

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