Heavy Matter

1)     “Scavenger of Human Sorrow” by Death – The Sound of Perseverance

2)     “Indians” by Anthrax – Among the Living

3)     “Skullkrusher” by Overkill – The Years of Decay

4)     “Meaningless Movements” by Sepultura – Arise

5)     “Idioglossia” by Pain of Salvation – The Perfect Element I

6)     “London” by Queensryche – Rage for Order

7)     “The Glass Prison” by Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

8)     “United Forces” by Stormtroopers of Death – Speak English or Die

9)     “Word Salad” by Annihilator – Alice in Hell

10)   “Morbid Tales” by Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales

11)   “The Art of Shredding” by Pantera – Cowboys from Hell

12)   “Helpless” by Metallica (Diamond Head cover) – Garage Inc.

13)   “Pyretta Blaze” by Type O Negative – World Coming Down

14)   “12” by Katatonia – Brave Murder Day

15)   “Fire Above, Ice Below” by Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain

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