Long time, no show. I'm back from my trip thru Massachusetts and sorting through all my loot for stuff to play in the coming weeks. For this week's show I stuck to some artists I saw on my trip (Sunburned / YLT / Mary Lattimore / MV) with some classics strewn throughout (I've been digging that live Dino record a ton lately). Some early Jim O. stuff in the second hour, all prepared guitar, and one of my favorite current "rock" groups, MANAS.                                        P.S. Make sure to check Gabie Strong and her Crystalline Morphologies label.

Hour 1

Dinosaur Jr. – “Tarpit” / “Does It Float?”, Chocomel Daze, Merge Records, 2010, (November 1st, 1987, The Netherlands)

Urinals – “I’m A Bug” / “Ack Ack Ack”, Another EP, Happy Squid Records / Superior Viaduct, 1979 / 2013 

Butthole Surfers – “Psychedelic Jam”, Double Live, Latino Bugger Veil, 1989

Headroom – “The Second Blazing Star”, Head In The Clouds, Trouble In Mind, 2017

Spacemen 3 – “A-Men”, Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To, Father Yod / Superior Viaduct, 1990 / 2018

Vibes – “Psychic”, Psychic 7”, Not Not Fun Records, 2009 

Half Japanese – “Fire To Burn”, Our Solar System, Iridescence Records / Fire Records, 1984 / 2014

Fugazi – “Great Cop”, In On The Kill Taker, Dischord Records, 1993 / 2009

Yo La Tengo – “Blue Line Swinger”, 06/21/1995, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

Sunburned Hand of the Man– Tracks 4 & 5 from Tingle of Casual Danger, Manhand, 2012, (Members of Sunburned ft. Thurston Moore, Mary Lattimore, Keith Wood and Samara Lubelski)

Hour 2

GHQ – “Asphalt Rainbows”, Crystal Healing, Three Lobed Recordings, 2007, (Steve Gunn, Marcia Bassett, Pete Nolan)

MANAS – “We Torched the BankCards”, MANAS, Feeding Tube Records, 2015

Gabie Strong – “Peaked Experience”, Sacred Datura / Peaked Experience, Crystalline Morphologies, 2016

Jim O’Rourke – “Hold These Goddamn Chickens”, Some Kind Of Pagan, Sound of Pig, 1989

Six Organs of Admittance – “Redefinition of Being”, Days Of Blood, Manhand / Hash, 2006 / 2008

Mary Lattimore – “Never Saw Him Again”, Hundreds of Days, Ghostly International, 2018

MV & EE – “Easy Livin’ > Feedback”, Joshua Light Show, Child of Microtones, 2014, (May 13th, 2010, New York City) 

Alice Coltrane – “The Sun”, Cosmic Music, Impulse! / Superior Viaduct, 1968 / 2017, (Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Jimmy Garrison, Ben Riley)

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