Sonny Sharrock, Sun Ra, and Sun City Girls tonight. As always, lots of live recordings. Blown out guitar in the first hour, including a track from the Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes. Polvo and Circus Lupus make an appearance alongside new jams from Charnel Ground and Long Hots. Second hour goes out there (of course). A long jam from MV & EE, new age explorations from Starbirthed, and a track from the new (AWESOME) Body/Head rec + Shelter Death and Vibracathedral Orchestra, rounded out with some Daniel Bachman (he's gotta new one out that is also "recommended").

Hour 1

The Savages – “Sweet Butterfingers”, 03/21/74, WKCR Studios, Cleveland, OH.(Sonny and Linda Sharrock, Dave Arches, Abe Speller, José Cheo Santos)

Charnel Ground – “Skeleton Coast”, Charnel Ground, 12XU, 2018 (Chris Brokaw, Kid Millions, James McNew)

Polvo – “Solitary Set”, Celebrate the New Dark Age, Merge Records, 1994

Circus Lupus – “New Cop Car”, Solid Brass, Dischord Records, 1993

Polvo – “Every Holy Shroud”, Celebrate the New Dark Age, Merge Records, 1994

Long Hots – “One Chip Over the Line”, 09/08/17, Three Lobed / WXDU Hopscotch Afternoon Jamboree, NYC Taper Bandcamp

Sun City Girls – “Radar Love”, Live at The Sit & Spin, Seattle May 17, 2002, Abduction, 2008 (cover of Dutch band, Golden Earring)

Velvet Underground – “Heroin” > “Sister Ray”, 03/15/69, Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA. (Legendary Guitar Amp Tape)

Tonstarttsbandht – “New Black Fever”, Hymn, Does Are, 2011 

Hour 2

MV & EE – “Environments > East Mountain Joint”, Guitar Barn, Heroine Celestial Agriculture (05/18/08, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)

Sun Ra – “The All of Everything”, The Night of the Purple Moon, Thoth Intergalactic / Saturn Research, 1970 / ?

Starbirthed – “Cosmic Call: Reflection #1”, Starbirthed, Flower Room, 2018

Shelter Death – “Seraph Intel (Glass Trachea Tapping)”, Rotary ECT, Anòmia, 2018

Flying Saucer Attack – “There Dub”, Chorus, Domino / Drag City, 1995 / 2018

Vibracathedral Orchestra – “Belchertown Carhole Sept 6 2003”, Pontiac Lady, VHF Records, (CD) 2004

Body / Head – “In the Dark Room”, The Switch, Matador, 2018

Daniel Bachman – “The Chicken Tree / Fardham, VA”, Daniel Bachman, Lancashire and Somerset / Feeding Tube, 2014 / 2015


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