Technically speaking, I’m “off” this week, I was still in the studio, providing you with what you need. Live tracks from the Gunn-Truscinski Duo, Mars, The Clean, Wolf Eyes, Grateful Dead, and Loren Connors & Jim O’Rourke as well as some different takes on hardcore from Minor Threat, Circus Lupus, and Harry Pussy. Later in the show I played a track from the Weeping Bong Band, I strongly recommend this record, and it’s out now on Feeding Tube Records. One more show before school starts, so make sure you’re getting all your pencils sharpened for the big day.

P.S. Planning a survey of artists’ bootlegs that’ll span a month or two, two songs a night for four or eight weeks. Does this sound like something y’all would be interested in? Hit me up on twitter at @TuffGnarl and let me know what you think.

Hour 1

Aby Ngana Diop – “Dieuleul Dieuleul”, Liital, Awesome Tapes from Africa, 2014  (from a 1994 release)

Raccoo-oo-oon – “On the Roof”, Cave of Spirits Forever, Time-Lag Records, 2005 / 2006

Chinese Girls – “Ginkgo”, A 2 Album Set: “Pop Life” & “Of”, Drawing Room Records / 2015 (recorded in 2001)

High Rise – “Cycle Goddess” / “Turn You Cry”, High Rise II, P.S.F. Records / Black Editions, 1986 / 2018

Melvins – “With Teeth”, Lysol, Boner Records / Tupelo Recording Company, 1992  

Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “Banh Mi Ringtones”, 07/19/18, Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY, NYC Taper blog

Skullflower – “Sunset”, Xaman, Shock / Dirter Promotions, 1990 / 2013 

Mars – “Helen Fordsdale”, Mars Archives Volume Two: 11000 Volts to Tunnel, Feeding Tube Records / Negative Glam, 2016 (Live at CBGB’s February 7th 1978)

Minor Threat – “Screaming at a Wall” / “12XU”, Complete Discography, 1989 / 2003(Filler (1981), Flex Your Head (1982) Dischord Comp)

 Circus Lupus – “Pop Man”, Solid Brass, Dischord Records, 1993

Harry Pussy – “I Don’t Care About Sleep Anymore” / “Showroom Dummies”, Harry Pussy, Siltbreeze / Superior Viaduct, 1993 / 2015

 The Clean – “Point That Thing Somewhere Else”, In-A-Live, Flying Nun Europe, 1989 (July 13, 1988)

The Dead C – “Half”, Tusk, Siltbreeze, 1997

Hour 2

Yellow Swans – “Track 4”, War, Hung Like A Horse?!, 2004

Wolf Eyes – “Track 2”, Live Frying: Chicago May 28 2004, American Tapes, 2006 

Vapor Gourds – “Sesshu” / “Spark Photos”, Yeay! Cassettes / Feeding Tube Records, 2008 / 2012 (Jake Meginsky)

Grateful Dead – “Wharf Rat”, October 9th 1972, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, Save Your Face blog

John Fahey – “Knott’s Berry Farm Molly”, Guitar Vol. 4 / The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and Other Excursions, Takoma, 1966 / 2000

Weeping Bong Band – “Replay 2”, Weeping Bong Band, Feeding Tube Records, 2018

Loren Connors & Jim O’Rourke – “Most Definitely Not Koln”, Two Nice Catholic Boys, Family Vineyard, 2009 (recorded in Europe, 1997)

Black Unity Trio – “Final Expression”, Al-Fatihah, Salaam Records, 1971

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