Welcome back folks. First Psychic and Powerless in 2019, and sitting in a new spot to boot. Neil Young tunes from Mascis, Valentine, and company, Yo La Tengo's cover of Nico's version of "I'll Keep It With Mine" from one of their Hannukah shows in 2012. It isn't all covers though. I was off by one day, but we celebrated 50 years of one of the Velvet's best set at the Boston Tea Party. I also had some live Gunn-Truscinski Duo, and a track from the late Yuzo Iwata.

In the second hour we had some first timers on the show: Stefan Christensen from New Haven, CT. Donkey No No from Western Mass., and Eliane Radigue with microphone feedback and tape loops. Christensen runs C/Site Recordings and does some work that expands upon the framework set down by the good old Dead C, while exploring new avenues of tune(less)ness so I recommend that all of you check this dude out. I know this is running long, but I have to say that this Mark Morgan LP is theeeeee most fucked guitar LP that I've heard in a while and you need to go over to Open Mouth and cop it. Peace!

Hour 1

  1. Elisa Ambrogio – “Far From Home”, The Immoralist, Drag City, 2015
  2. Spacin’ – “Total Freedom”, Total Freedom, Richie Records, 2016
  3. Gunn – Truscinski Duo – “Ocean Parkway”, 01/09/18 @ Union Pool, NYC Taper Blog
  4. Velvet Underground – “Waiting For The Man”, 01/10/69 @ Boston Tea Party
  5. Yo La Tengo – “I’ll Keep It With Mine”, 12/14/12 @ Maxwell’s (Nico / Bob Dylan cover w/ Andrew Bird)
  6. Tonight’s Tonite – “Rockin’ In the Free World”, 05/25/18 @ The Root Cellar (J Masics / Matt Valentine / John Moloney / Adam Langellotti / Marc Seedorf)
  7. Yuzo Iwata – “Drone Beetle”, Daylight Moon, Siltbreeze, 2018
  8. Headroom – “Aomidori”, Dire Wolves / Headroom Split, Pome Pome Tones / Centripetal Force, 2018
  9. Bardo Pond – “Trip Fuck”, Refulgo, Three Lobed Recordings, 2014 (From the 1994 Drunken Fish 7” Trip Fuck / Hummingbird Mountain)

Hour 2

  1. Stefan Christensen – “Over Scrawl”, Shake Off The Village, C/Site Recordings, 2017
  2. Sunburned Hand of the Man – “5”, Double Puberty, Manhand, 2006
  3. Mark Morgan – “Gentleman’s C”, Department of Heraldry, Open Mouth, 2018
  4. Donkey No No – Excerpt from “Wenig Später Ging Es Weiter”, Raumklang, Feeding Tube Records, 2018
  5. Zaïmph – “Landscape of Memory”, Rhizomatic Gaze, Drawing Room Records, 2018
  6. Eliane Radigue – “Terre – Eau – Pluie”, Jouet Electronique / Elemental 1, Alga Marghen, 2010 / 2018
  7. Elizabeth Cotten – “Freight Train”
  8. Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas – “Sign Spinners”, Autoimaginary, Drag City, 2015
  9. Jack Rose – “Cathedral Et Chartres”, I Do Play Rock And Roll, Three Lobed Recordings, 2008 / 2016
  10. Sun City Girls – “The Shining Path”, Torch Of The Mystics, Majora / Abduction, 1990 / 2015  
  11. Arthur Doyle Plus 4 – “Something For Caserlo, Larry & Irma”, AK-BA Records, 1978

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