School sucks the life out of my bones, but no matter what, I’m here to bring y’all the good stuff. Started off tonight with the first studio release from Philly’s Long Hots and moved into Eugene Chadbourne & Sunwatchers covering Ayler and the Minutemen live at Union Pool...this combo has an LP coming out soon on Amish Records. Congotronics from Konono Nº1, to Chicago with “Slow Bern”-ing psych from Cave, pass thru Rugby w/ Spacemen 3, hit LA with 100 Flowers, then time travel back to Chicago via Houston with Rapeman’s cover of ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid".

Patty Waters started the second hour, and we heard an old track from the newly reunited Espers plus a an early Siltbreeze 7” from Bardo Pond, and then, my new faves, Midnight Mines. MM has a 7” out on I Dischi Del Barone, also host to Sweden’s Leda and her track “Japanese Key” which we heard before some prepared guitar from Kevin Drumm (back to Chicago zones), and a Rothko inspired Loren Connors piece. I left the fire burning thru out the night w/ one of my favorite jams from MV & EE (alongside PG Six), their version of the Dead’s “Fire on the Mountain” from August 18th, 2012.


Hour 1

Long Hots – “Nickle and Dime”, Monday Night Raw, 2018

Eugene Chadbourne & Sunwatchers – “Ghosts / Joe McCarthy’s Ghost”, (04/25/17, Union Pool, Brooklyn), (Albert Ayler and Minutemen cover)

75 Dollar Bill – “Cummins Falls”, Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock, Thin Wrist Recordings, 2016

Joshua Abrams – “A Lucky Stone”, Natural Information, Eremite Records, 2010

Group Doueh – “Wazan Samat”, Guitar Music from the Western Sahara, Sublime Frequencies, 2007

Cave – “Slow Bern”, Threace, Drag City, 2013

Konono Nº1 – “Masikulu”, Split Series #18, FatCat Records, 2005

Spacemen 3 –“Revolution”, Playing With Fire, Fire Records/Superior Viaduct, 1988/2018

100 Flowers – “Dizzy Ms. Lizzy / California’s Falling into the Ocean”, Happy Squid Records/Superior Viaduct, 1983/2013

Rapeman – “Just Got Paid”, Two Nuns and a Pack Mule, Touch and Go, 1988. (ZZ Top cover)

Hour 2

Patty Waters – “Moon Don’t Come Up Tonight”, Sings, ESP Disk, 1966

Espers – “Widow’s Weed” II, Drag City, 2006

Bardo Pond – “Tests For New Swords”, Tests For New Swords, Siltbreeze, 1996

Midnight Mines – “Stations”, Stations, I Dischi Del Barone, 2018

Leda – “Japanese Key”, Japanese Key/The Silent Contest, I Dischi Del Barone

Kevin Drumm – “Your Guitar is Prepared, But You Aren’t!” Excerpt, Live 1995(Somewhere in Chicago), 2014

Loren Connors– “Blues No. 7”, Blues: The “Dark” Paintings of Mark Rothko, St. Joan/Family Vineyard, 1990/2015

MV & EE – “Fire on the Mountain”, Do It Often, Big Buzz Box, Child of Microtones, 2014 (08/18/12, 1794 Meetinghouse, New Salem)

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