The Shed Show Bio

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I was raised on the mellifluous tunes of Beethoven sonatas and Bizet operas, but it was not until my years of internal teenage rebellion that I was guided to a new musical genre—jazz. Why jazz? Because jazz is wild, jazz is adventurous, jazz is animalistic; jazz is full of soul and fire. Seventeen-year-old me was listening to Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” when I came across Louis Armstrong’s cover of her famous song, and the rest is history. The classic jazz that we are exposed to and the names most of us are familiar with like Thelonious Monk and the Bird or Bill Evans and Miles Davis were my go-to songs at the top of my playlists (and they still are), but it wasn’t until my first year of college that I started acquiring a new taste for a different type of jazz—fusion and funk. I could hear the roots of jazz present in all types of genres from r&b to soul to new jack swing. The Shed Show is an appreciation of all types of jazz and music that have traces of the jazz tradition within their literature and their improvisation. Every Thursday from 11PM-1AM, you can kick it with me, the Jazz Cat, to get down and get our paws dirty with the grooviest and smoothest jazz, fusion, and funk tunes from all around.