The Heaviest Matter in the Universe

Have you noticed recently how much terrestrial radio sucks? Do you ever get tired of hearing your parents’ overplayed and antiquated hair metal anthems? Do they conjure up images of rockers adorning spandex, lipstick, and enough CFC-saturated hairspray to decimate the ozone?

Do you have the following deep-seeded questions? Was thrash still a thing after Metallica went black? Was there ever any new metal ever made other than…“nu” metal?

Do you hate grunge because it was the meteorite to your dinosaur subgenres?

More importantly, have you been craving something massive, epic, crushing, rapid, brutal, pummeling, fast, artistic, progressive, avant-garde, and… dare I say… a bit heavy, too? 

Tune in Tuesday nights from 9 - 11 p.m for The Heaviest Matter in the Universe. To those searching for a program which glorifies your favorite metal artists of the past, present, and future, we’ve got you covered.

Thrash? We got it. Speed? We got it. Power? We got that, too. Death? You bet your sweet headbanging ass we’ve got some of that. Goth? Ditto. Industrial? A bit. Alternative? Wouldn’t be college radio without it. Progressive? Out the wazoo. Avant-Garde? The likes of which you’ve never heard. Are there artists who have been relevant in the last five years? Most definitely.

When can I listen?

Weren’t you paying attention earlier? Tuesday nights from 9 to 11. We’ll start off nice and easy in hour one before eventually climaxing into a cacophonic crescendo worthy of summoning forth the hellish pandemonium depicted by Milton in Paradise Lost… just in time to get you warmed up for The Rusty Cage.