More Than Noise

Punk isn’t just noise. It isn’t even just music. It’s a way of life. 

As hippy counterculture fizzled out, the early ‘70s brought with it a generation of nihilistic youth disappointed with the so called “Revolution” of the ‘60s. Bands like MC5 and The Stooges harnessed that anger and used it to create raw, loud music that broke all the rules.  Kids were inspired - armed with garage access, a few power chords, and little technical skill, they formed bands. Soon came the Ramones, The Dead Boys, Patti Smith, and other quintessential punk rockers.

In England, progressives had similar disenchanted feelings about their government. Inspired by the New York scene, they too chose to form bands and convey their message in song. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and the Buzzcocks are some famously political punk bands to come out of the U.K. in the mid ‘70s. Their generation was fed up with the status quo and called for complete anarchy.

And so the idea of the “punk" was born. They adorned themselves in leather, dark makeup, studs, ripped clothing, whatever was out of the ordinary. Punks did what they wanted and didn’t care what people thought of it. Shock and awe was often the name of the game. They had something to say, and it wasn’t nice or pretty.

On More Than Noise we celebrate the music that inspired a movement. Louchebat and DJ Woodstock bring you an assortment of various punk rock classics, newcomers, and the tunes that inspired it all. Catch More Than Noise on Wednesdays 9-11 PM, only on 91.1 KLSU FM.

You're in for everything from New York Dolls to Black Flag and all things in between. You'll hear early pioneers like Ramones, Dead Boys, and Sex Pistols, as well as post-punk, hardcore, and the groups they inspired years later.

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