Rabbi Diane Elliot

Claire Pendergast caught up with Rabbi Diane Elliot this Sunday, January 21st, and discussed her 3-day retreat scheduled at The Red Shoes in Baton Rouge for Friday, Jan. 26th to Sunday, Jan. 28th. 

Find the exclusive interview on the media player below. 

For more information on Rabbi Diane Elliot, please visit her website whollypresent.org or theredshoes.org

The following information is from The Red Shoes.

"Enjoy a weekend of pausing and inner listening, a time of true refreshment for body, soul and mind. As the cares of the week sink into the background of consciousness, we will cultivate the oft-neglected, essential practices of rest, calm, delight and communal enjoyment. People of any or no faith are welcome.

Facilitated by Rabbi Diane Elliot, author of essays and poems, who inspires seekers from a variety of faith traditions to develop spiritual practice through meditation, movement and nuanced interpretations. With a 25-year career in art and choreography and 40 years in the somatic movement form Body-Mind Center-ing, Rabbi Elliot serves as the Director of Wholly Present." 

- DJ Elemental 

Chief Announcer at KLSU

Host of Transcend on MWF 12pm-3pm

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