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For the little punk rock band, Beach Slang’s newest EP, alternatively titled “Quiet Slang”, is much more emotional, and feels very personal.  Their choice to focus more on the “quieter” version of their typical “slang” brings out more of the emotional powerlessness of adolescence.

None of the four songs are very rhythmic, composed primarily of Alex’s harsh vocals and consistent piano.  It is the subtle influence from violins and rhythm changes that create a mood of the sound.  Where the music really drives is through Alex’s voice, carrying feeling in the lyrics from the start to the end of each song.  In an almost whisper, the raw scratches of his naturally punk-rock voice brings an intensity, that is toned down by the emotion at hand.

The lyrics give the album character, covering different ideas in each song.  “Future Mixtape for the Art Kids” runs along with a motto of powering through pain and broken hearts using every ounce of grit and vigor. 

“Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas” encourages small fragments of love that lie underneath all the attack and weather of life.  “Androgynous”, a remake of The Replacement’s star hit, uses the same lyrics written in 1984 to imply today’s ever-pertinent theme of equalized love, regardless of how anyone defines themselves.

Lastly, “Thirteen” tells the tale of love under constraints, and how unconditional that love can feel in one’s heart.

 Ultimately, the band’s lyrics are very themed in punk, but presented through a poetic window to draw out the latent soul underneath.  Musically, Alex’s vocals carry most of the weight, supported by the warm mood you’ll feel in most other sad indie.  For Beach Slang, this is a very meaningful release.  Otherwise, it’s just a nice set of songs from the heart.

For listeners of: Bleached, Bully, White Lung

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